About Us

Hi, I'm Sarah.

I am a fully insured Remedial Massage Therapist and a certified member of AMT - Association of Massage Therapists Ltd. I am a former Paramedic with NSW Ambulance with over 15 years on road experience in pre-hospital emergency care. I love yoga, gardening, horse riding, reading and spending quality time with my family. 

My passion is people. Nothing is as rewarding to me as helping people to live better, happier and healthier. I customise each massage treatment for your specific needs, conditions and preferences. I work with a variety of clients: men, women, elderly and adolescents; athletes, pregnant mothers and people with chronic pain. 

Treating others with massage benefits me as much as having a treatment myself. For years I would have a massage simply for the physical benefits. The more I have experienced massage, both as a client and a therapist, the more I find it will nurture my own mind and spirit as well as my client's. I know, with all the daily issues we face, how important massage can be to keep us healthy and in Balance. I love sharing the benefits of massage with people at all stages of life and helping them along their path to wellness and harmony. 

I look forward to meeting you and providing you with the environment and the treatment you need to relax, recoup, recover, rejuvinate, be pampered and regain Balance to your mind and body. 

Be good to yourself.

Hi, I'm Amanda,

I am a Remedial Massage Therapist, fully insured and certified with AMT - Association of Massage Therapists Ltd. I have 14 years of experience in massage therapy, including massaging the Illawarra Hawks Basketball team for 2 seasons.

I perform Remedial Massage, Cupping and Lymphatic Drainage and specialise in Sports Massage, Injury Management and Pregnancy Massage. 

I strive to maintain my own high level of fitness so I can competitively pursue my passion for Obstacle Racing. My biggest personal achievement in this type of racing is when I recently competed in and succuessfully completed the Spartan World Championship 24 Hour Ultra Race in Iceland last December.

Adding to my own personal fitness goals, I also hold a Certificate 3 in Fitness and am very passionate about helping people to make lifestyle changes to better their physical health.

I warmly welcome you into our clinic and look forward to treating you and helping you achieve your personal goals. 

Stay true to who you are.