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m a s s a g e
t r e a t m e n t s  &
p r i c i n g

30 mins $55 / 60 mins $90 / 90 mins $125
60 mins - targeted treatment
90 mins - full body treatment 
A holistic treatment used for both muscular and skeletal problems, as well as benefiting the circulatory and respiratory systems. Specialised techniques are used to treat soft tissue injuries, aching muscles and postural anomalies to help restore Balance within the whole body.

30 mins $55 / 60 mins $90 / 90 mins $125
Long, gliding strokes and kneading techniques are applied to the upper layers of the muscles aiming to relax them, improve circulation, increase movement and stimulate the skin and nervous system. It enhances Balance and harmony while creating a sense of relaxed well-being.

Advanced Deep Tissue
30 mins $55 / 60 mins $90 / 90 mins $125
A restorative treatment that begins with slow, firm gliding pressure to restore normal length to contracted connective tissues, combined with stretching techniques. Muscle lesions, adhesions and deep muscle spasms are released enabling them to regain their normal resting length.

30 mins $55 / 60 mins $90 / 90 mins $125
A more vigorous technique that focuses on overused muscles from repetitive stress. This treatment is aimed to reduce muscle tension in superficial and deep muscle fibres, enhancing athletic performance and reducing recovery time by flushing toxins and wastes from the body. Ideal for anyone, but is especially recommended for pre- and post- workouts to alleviate the tension that accumulates during physical activity.

30 mins $55 / 60 mins $90 / 90 mins $125
A beautifully relaxing treatment tailored specifically to alleviate the physical discomfort and fatigue related to the changing bodies of pregnant women. These massage techniques help improve circulation, diminish back and hip pain, relieve headaches, reduce leg cramps and swollen ankles and promote overall Balance for mum and baby.

Lymphatic Drainage
60 mins $90 / 90 mins $125
A gentle whole body treatment that relaxes the nervous system and aids the Balance of fluid in the body. It is highly recommended for those prone to sore throats, colds, infections, on-going tiredness, excess fluids, low immunity, swollen limbs and also for the physically inactive.

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